Latest Update: COVID-19 Updates: (1) "Stay at Home" Order and (2) Letter to our Customers

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Letter to Customers

Message to our Valued Customers:

First and foremost, I want to share how thankful we are to have such wonderful customers. I have communicated with many of you during this difficult time and you all have been so gracious and kind. Your sincere words of encouragement and well wishes are extremely heartfelt. I look forward to the day when we are back to normal business and we can all share stories again.

Scioto Vending Operations:

We are open and operating on a daily basis. For those customers who are still operating, we will be servicing your machines and coffee orders on a normal schedule. If you have an issue with a machine not functioning properly, please reach out to our office at 740-548-1100 or via our website to report the problem. We are answering our phones and emails as normal.

What we are doing to help defeat Coronavirus

Here are some changes or enhancements to our daily operations:

  1. We have staggered our starting shifts in the morning to reduce the number of employees in the warehouse at one time. We are distancing our staff members in the workplace.
  2. Each truck is now stocked with additional cleaning and disinfecting supplies to clean our trucks more frequently, including the hand carts and other transport supplies
  3. We are continuing to deep clean our office area and the frequent touch points throughout our building.
  4. We are closely monitoring our supply chain to ensure we have an uninterrupted flow of products to our warehouse.
  5. We are encouraging our employees to follow the CDC guidelines to help prevent their chances of contracting the virus. Things like, washing hands frequently, not touching your face, nose or mouth, covering your cough or sneeze, disinfecting frequently touched objects, and stay home if you are sick.

Our Future:

We look forward to the day when our customers are back open for business and your employees are coming back to the office. We will actively restock all machines as quickly as we can when that day comes.

Scioto Vending Services is celebrating 30 Years in Business this year and we appreciate and value all of our customers. Take this time to enjoy and reconnect with your family members. Listen to the warnings from our health care workers and Government Leaders. We will see you all very soon.


John Ballard
Scioto Vending Services

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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