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Customer Service & Support

One of the core pillars of Scioto Vending Services is our emphasis on our employees providing the best customer service and support possible. We make every effort to provide personalized and flexible service to handle all of your vending needs. In addition to making sure our business relationship is built on friendliness, trust and dependendability, we understand that long-term success fundamentally comes down to your satisfaction with the machines and products we provide to you.

Most of our large customer base has come to us with complaints about their previous vendors — whether it involves problems with excessive machine maintenance, stale products, lack of dependability or slow service. We have shaped our business around solving all of these problems so that you can be as hands-free as possible when it comes to your vending needs.

We guarantee that if your machine ever breaks down or runs out of product, we will provide either same or next-day repair by one of our professional full-time service technicians. Feel free to either call us directly or report any service requests via our website.

Request a free consultation via our online contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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