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Micro Markets

The Micro Market is a new concept in the vending industry that provides a convenience style store for your company breakroom that includes the same products found on store shelves. Providing self-checkout options via credit cards, cash, bar code scanning, and individual accounts, Micro markets allow your company to offer a wider array of beverages and snacks including fresh fruits, candies, nuts, trail mixes and more. This allows you to increase the number and type of products available to your workforce.

Fully Customizable

Micro Markets can be customized to meet your company’s needs, based on price, quantity and types of food and beverages provided. Product is displayed in coolers, on shelves, and on racks custom designed to your specifications.


Security is maintained via mounted cameras to deter theft.

24/7 Accessibility & Convenience

24 hour/7 day a week accessibility makes the Micro Market an attractive option for those clients that want to provide easy and convenient food options to their in-house staff.

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